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2024 NAMI Ohio and Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association Housing Institute

2024 NAMI Ohio and Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association Housing Institute

Informational Session Announcement 

Thanks to the generous support of the Ohio Department of Development Housing Trust Fund, NAMI Ohio and the Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association is excited to announce its 2024 Housing Institute for the development of Residential Facilities Class 2 (aka Adult Care Facilities) in Ohio. This training series is designed for teams seeking to develop and navigate the complex process of securing funding to develop new Residential Facilities Class 2 for adults (age 18 and older) living with severe and persistent mental illnesses. 

Organizations interested in creating Residential Facilities Class 2 housing for the following priority populations are encouraged to apply: 

  • persons experiencing SPMI, 
  • persons who are identified as needing Residential Facilities by the local Mental Health and Addiction Services Boards or community mental health providers, 
  • persons at risk of long-term homelessness with behavioral health challenges exiting incarceration and/or trafficking and exploitation,  
  • And persons with behavioral health challenges leading to hospitalizations  

The Housing Institute will help teams build their knowledge base and understand the necessary funding and long-term commitments necessary to create quality Residential Facilities Class 2. The Institute offers comprehensive training and capacity building that helps non-profit organizations move from concept stage to competitive funding applications. This significantly reduces the lead-time for development and strengthens state and local experience and capacity to create future developments. This training is also expected to reduce the time it takes to obtain funding by improving the planning and development process and planning for sustainability. 

The 2024 Housing Institute will be held both in person in Columbus, Ohio and remotely (on alternating weeks). Teams will receive 50 hours of training, including individualized technical assistance and resources to assist in completing their project. In addition, experts from across the state, including staff from NAMI Ohio and local partners, will provide insight on management, best practices, financing, and building design. 

Eligible Teams 

Eligible teams should include a designated team leader, a housing development/owner partner, a service provider partner/a partner to oversee daily operations. The designated team leader may be the development/owner, or service partner. Developers must have experience with developing housing for specialized populations. Teams must have at least three members.  

The Housing Institute will require  

  • 50 hours of interactive training both in person (in Columbus, Ohio) and virtually 
  • Teamwork outside of the designated training dates and times.                                                
  •  Note: Teams should find time to meet in between sessions to work on milestones. Those dates and times are established by the teams and coordinated by the teams. 
  • Attendance at ALL training sessions 
  • Meeting milestones as a team 
  • Being prepared to present your final project to a funder’s panel 
  • Commitment to taking project concept from idea to completion with the goal of having a 12-16 bed Residential Facility Class 2 opened 
  • If funded, the ability to maintain project for 15 years after development 
  • A team member that will be the non-profit property owner 

Participation in the Institute is not a guarantee of funding from NAMI Ohio, OACFA or any other sources. 

To learn more about the 2024 Housing Institute, the commitment, requirements and to request an application you must attend one informational session. 


April 17,2024 at 1:30pm 


April 19,2024 at 11:00am