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Family Peer Support

Learn more about becoming a certified Family Peer Supporter

What Is a Certified Family Peer Supporter?

An individual who has self-identified as the caregiver of a person with behavioral health challenges who has successfully navigated service systems for at least one year on behalf of the person and successfully met the requirements of certification to be a Certified Peer Recovery Supporter by virtue of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Family Peer Supporters in Ohio are also known as:

  • parent support professionals
  • navigators
  • mentors
  • family partners
  • parent partners

How Does Someone Become a Certified Family Peer Supporter?

To obtain peer supporter certification, individuals will submit a complete and compliant application including the following documentation:

(a) Proof of a minimum of forty hours of department approved competency-based peer services TRAINING

(b) Hold a high school diploma, a general educational development certification, or similar secondary education from outside of the United States;

(c) Documentation of passing the department peer supporter exam, or an exam administered or designated by the department;

(d) Certified peer supporters will attest to having read and understood the code of ethics at initial certification

(e) The results of a bureau of criminal investigation and federal bureau of investigation criminal records check conducted within one year of submission.

What Do CFPS’s Offer?

Certified Family Peer Supporter services may include:

  • Providing empathetic listening and emotional support
  • Assisting families in navigating systems
  • Supplying information about child‐serving systems, children’s behavioral health and development, and community resources
  • Rendering advocacy support
  • Encouraging self‐care activities
  • Facilitating familial engagement with service providers
  • Modeling collaboration between families and professionals
  • Engaging in safety and care planning; exploring and eliminating barriers to care plan follow‐through
  • Offering skill‐building for parents that enhances resiliency, communication, advocacy and other areas affecting the ability to maintain a child with complex needs in the home, school and community
  • Sharing personal stories
  • Providing HOPE

For additional information contact:

Tameika Wright
Office: 614-224-2700  Cell: 614-565-2323


My family was involved in a variety of services with our Family and Children First council, and wrap around community. Once I began to work with a parent peer supporter, I felt that I had a person in my corner who understood and worked just for me and my family. It made a huge difference. I learned how to be a voice for my family, she helped me educate myself so I had a knowledgeable voice at the systems of care table. She was compassionate and understanding because she had gone through exactly what I was going through.

Pamela (parent)