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NAMI Feels is a place to find support and share personal stories about living with or supporting someone with mental illness. We share resources, updates, and information to raise awareness of mental illness and help shatter stigma.

Tamisha’s Story: When Loving Your Child Means Giving Up Custody

Pictured: Tamisha McKenzie with her children.   Article written by: Alan Johnson, NAMI Ohio Contract Writer  Tamisha McKenzie faced one of the toughest choices a parent may ever have to make – giving up custody of her child so she should get the mental health...

Get to Know Jody

Mr. Rogers would have liked Jody Demo-Hodgins because she’s a helper. Rogers, the long-time television host of Mister Rogers Neighborhood, frequently told kids, “Look for the helpers. You can always find people who are helping.” That description perfectly fits Jody,...

Mental Health Warriors – Danei Edelen

A mental health epidemic is the crisis underlying the COVID-19 epidemic. About one-third of Americans are experiencing depression and anxiety and deaths by suicide are rising.The bad news is the dual epidemics are not expected to go away in the near...

Angela’s Story

The first time she left home, Angela Patterson Lariviere had nothing but a small suitcase, a baby doll, and 25 cents for the bus. She was 12. A quarter wasn’t enough to get her to her destination, Westland Mall in Columbus, so Angela sat quietly on the bus until the...

The Thompson Family and PAC

Duane Thompson was at his wit’s end with his daughter, whose chronic behavioral health problems culminated when she came at him with a knife. “It makes you feel angry at times,” the Cincinnati father said. “Sometimes I go to work and sit there and tear up. And say...

Jerrone’s Story

Jerrone's Story Video Jerrone Darnell McAdoo prayed he would live to the age of 21, knowing that African-American males with sickle cell anemia often don’t make it that long. He made it six years past his goal. Jerrone’s inspiration radiated beyond his years, like...

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