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ENGAGE Transition Toolkit

ENGAGE Transition Toolkit
A toolkit From ENGAGE (Engaging the Next Generation to Achieve Their Goals through Empowerment) to help teens or young adults with mental health concerns transition to independence. Topics include crisis planning, education, finances, guardianship, healthcare, housing, transportation and more.

ENGAGE Wraparound is specifically centered on youth aged 14-21 with mental health concerns who are transitioning to adulthood. This group gathers to help youth develop a plan for their own future.

ENGAGE is an initiative of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (ODMHAS), funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA). The goal of ENGAGE is to establish High-Fidelity Wraparound statewide as a tool to develop and strengthen local Systems of Care.

Age: 14-18 years, 19-25 years
Topic: Education (General), Health, Health Insurance, Housing/Residential, Legal, Mental Health, Record Keeping, Substance Use Disorders, Training Resources: Family Engagement, Transition Planning, Transportation

Ohio Eating Disorder Resource Guide

Ohio Eating Disorder Resource Guide

Understanding Ohio’s Court Ordered Outpatient Treatment Law

On September 17, 2014, a new law went into effect that modifies and provides clarification regarding court ordered outpatient treatment. Prior to passage of the law, many probate court judges had differing interpretations regarding their ability to order certain individuals with mental illness into treatment in an outpatient setting. Family members with loved ones with untreated mental illness and a history of harm to self or others sought to have the law clarified. In the process, other changes were made that expanded the scope of the law. This booklet provides an overview of the law and offers suggestions on steps individuals can take to ensure that it is properly implemented and applied appropriately in their community.

Click the link below to download the booklet Understanding Ohio's Court Ordered Outpatient Treatment Law revised 12/15

Click for the The Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers SB 32 FAQ

Click the link below for the Affidavit of Mental Illness

Report of Office of the Child Advocate, State of Connecticut

“Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
In January, 2013, the Office of the Child Advocate was directed by the Connecticut Child Fatality Review Panel to prepare a report that would focus on the shooter and include a review of the circumstances that pre-dated his commission of mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The charge was to develop any recommendations for public health system improvement that emanated from the review.

NAMI Ohio Member Publications: Book Reviews

“In My Petticoat” by Linda Hutchison.
"Catching the Thief : A Story, a Search, and Schizophrenia" by Diann Auld Reitelbach .

NAMI Ohio Medical Protocol Project: You Want Us to Do What?!

Ohioans with severe mental illness die much earlier than other Ohioans without mental illness and 60% of these premature deaths are as a result of heart disease and diabetes. The purpose of these training materials is to review strategies for improving physical healthcare in community mental health centers.

Medical Protocol 2011 Index

Module 1: Diabetes & Glucose Monitoring:
Diabetes and Glucose Monitoring Presentation
Diabetes and Glucose Monitoring Bookmark
Diabetes mellitus Screening & Assessment Flowchart

Module II: Metabolic Syndrome
Metabolic Syndrome Presentation
Metabolic Syndrome Bookmark

Module III: Bowel Management
Bowel Management Presentation
Bowel Management Bookmark

Smoking Cessation Poster – No butts about it

Report From the President’s Freedom Commission on Mental Health
This report represents the first comprehensive study of the nation's public and private mental health service delivery systems in nearly 25 years.

Suicide Warning Signs Poster
This Poster/Handout is from the Peter D. Beale Memorial Suicide Prevention Fund.

Reducing the Costs of Untreated Mental Illness
This publication lays out several recommendations for closing the gaps and decreasing the costs of untreated mental illness.

Advocacy Handbook
This handbook was designed to assist advocates in dealing with the issue of overrepresentation of people with mental illness in the criminal justice system.

The Mentally Ill and the Criminal Justice System: A Review of Programs
This publication provides an innovative diversion programs for offenders with mental illness.

Children's Rights
This guide provides useful information about the rights of children in Ohio's major child-serving governmental service systems - mental health, substance abuse and addiction treatment, education, child welfare, MRDD, and juvenile court's unruly and delinquent youth services. The intent of the Children's Rights guide is to clarify the role of parents, guardians, and custodians and help them better understand their rights and their child's rights so they can advocate for these rights.

The Guide to Local Service Coordination for Families
This guide provides information regarding services from multiple agencies for children and their families. This resource provides comprehensive and helpful information for families overwhelmed by multiple child-serving agencies.

NAMI Housing Toolkit
This toolkit includes information to help the public mental health community meet the housing needs of people with mental illness.

NAMI Fact Sheets for Youth about Mental Illness
These are additional brochures and fact sheets designed with children and youth in mind.

NAMI Info and Fact Sheets by Illness
Click here for a list of fact sheets which can be used to educate people about severe and persistent mental illnesses. The information in these fact sheets comes from mental healthcare providers, advocates, and researchers.

Working with Children Services
A Guide for Parents is an easy to read resource to help parents understand what happens when Children Services gets a report that a child is not safe.

Estimated Cost of Prior Authorization in Ohio
This report, which was commissioned by NAMI Ohio, looks at the cost of requiring prior authorization for certain psychotropic drugs for patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other forms of serious mental illness.

Grieveance Process in Ohio (ACE)
This guide was developed to help consumers understand the grievance process in Ohio’s Public Mental Health System.

Advocacy Curriculum for Everyone (ACE)
This guide was developed to help understand the organization of Ohio's public mental health system.