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Our mission

To improve the quality of life and ensure dignity and respect for persons with serious mental illness, and offer support to their families and close friends.

Our history

NAMI Ohio (National Alliance on Mental Illness of Ohio) was created in 1982 by a small, dedicated group of family members to provide mutual support, education, and advocacy for individuals and families affected by serious brain disorders. Over the years, our membership has expanded to include family members, mental health consumers and providers, community mental health boards, mental health organizations and other supporters.

As a grassroots organization advocating for mental health issues, NAMI Ohio has an outstanding history of affecting public policy and legislation regarding care and resources for persons with serious mental illness. NAMI Ohio members testify before the General Assembly, educate business and education leaders, and sit on state planning and advisory committees, Community Mental Health Boards, and various task forces. NAMI Ohio’s network of 39 local affiliates, serving most of Ohio’s counties, plays an active role providing support, education, and advocacy on a local level.

Our team

NAMI Ohio Board of Directors Officers

Jack Sherman


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Janet Polzer


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Judge Joyce Campbell

First Vice President

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Tom Standish


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Lovell Custard

Second Vice President

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NAMI Ohio Board of Directors

At large

Scott Boone

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Jeanneth Johnson

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Central / Southeast Region

Etta Almon

Karen Cousins

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Andrea Frohne

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Marcia Knapp

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Anne Walker

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Northeast Region

Bob Spada

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Lori D'Angelo

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Mackenzie Varkula, MD

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Doug Smith, M.D.

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Northwest Region

Mark Krieger

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Jessica Schmitt

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Christine Wierman

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Peggy Lomax

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Eric McKee

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Julie Nowak

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Southwest Region

Heather Turner

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Gloria Walker

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Lee Dunham

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Catherine Morris

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Valerie Walker

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Consumer Council Representative

Quentin Monden

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NAMI Ohio Staff

Terry Russell

Executive Director

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Stacey Smith

Director of Operations

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Katie Dillon-Luli

Communications & Outreach

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Karen Lindberg

Director of Programs & Affiliate Support

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Dustin McKee

Director of Policy

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Emy-lynn Marhulik

Helpline Coordinator & OACFA Associate Director

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Jody Demo-Hodgins

Director of Children's Division

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Angela Lariviere

YouthMOVE Ohio Program Director

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Angela Schoepflin

Children's Program Administrator

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Dana Berryman

Statewide Coordinator – PAC Program

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